Obj 260: The Soviet Heavy SPGs

Greetings everyone, today I’m going to be doing this brief article to give some insight into the heavy SPGs designed to utilize the chassis of the Object 260 heavy tank, more commonly known as the IS-7. There were 4 designs mentioned to use the chassis:

  • Obj 261-1 (re-designated as Obj 261)
  • Obj 261-2 (re-designated as Obj 262)
  • Obj 261-3
  • Obj 263

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Valkyria Chronicles – Nameless & Edelweiss: Over-armored

A few days ago two tanks were announced for WoT Asia and is currently unconfirmed if it will be moving to other servers: The Nameless (tier 8 HT) and Edelweiss (tier 8 MT) based off the popular Japanese game, “Valkyria Chronicles”

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Historical Armor of the “EMIL” Tanks

This isn’t here to try to get the Swedish HTs to be changed to be historical but more to educate on what the historical values of the tanks are. Although I personally feel that the tanks would be more balanced with the historical values but that opinion will differ from person to person.
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*outdated* Suggestion: Swedish Premium HT – Strv K

After testing of the hull was completed development of the project came to a halt due to problems with the ammo that were trying to develop for it. Of the 2 hulls that were made there were 3 plans, one became the chassis for an artillery, and the other became the test rig for the hydraulic suspension that would be used on the Stridsvagn 103. The third plan however was to mate the turret of a British Centurion Mk10 onto the completed hull of the Kranvagn and use that as a basis for future tank designs but nothing came of the plan. Continue reading “*outdated* Suggestion: Swedish Premium HT – Strv K”

History of the Swedish “EMIL” tank project

With the release of 9.17 not all that far off I just wanted to do a post covering the history of the Swedish tank project “EMILE” and also to cover some of historically inaccurate things with what we have in-game. I was planning to do this as a video but the length of time that I have already put about 45-50hrs into researching and confirming my findings, translating from Swedish to English and then compiling everything here has taken a lot from me so I’m just going to make a post about it here and attach all the related documents and visual aids I had planned to have in the video. And I call this the history of but it’s more of a brief overview… brief may be subjective.  So without further delay, let’s get into it. Continue reading “History of the Swedish “EMIL” tank project”