Valkyria Chronicles – Nameless & Edelweiss: Over-armored

A few days ago two tanks were announced for WoT Asia and is currently unconfirmed if it will be moving to other servers: The Nameless (tier 8 HT) and Edelweiss (tier 8 MT) based off the popular Japanese game, “Valkyria Chronicles”

At first I hated the idea of more fake tanks, but I love the Valkyria series so I was conflicted about it. But then I considered how little WG cares about historical accuracy and resigned myself that WG will continue bringing in fake tanks… and then I noticed something odd about the stats so I compared them to other German tanks at that tier and any I found relevant:


Do you see what I see?



On the Valkyria Wiki it gives dimensions of the tank and it’s about the same size as the Tiger II as you would expect. It also gives use the speed, engine power and weight of the tank as well and that is all correct in the Supertest. What’s not on the Wiki is armor thickness.

The Nameless has similar frontal armor to the VK45.02b as well as similar turret side armor. The rest of the armor is as thick as the Tiger II as well.

So I have a question:

How does a tank the same size as a Tiger II, with more armor then the Tiger II… weigh less then half that of a Tiger II?

What I’m saying is that WG has given it armor it could NEVER have with a 34 ton weight. WG have successfully managed to make a fake tank unhistorical… think about that for a second. It’s physically impossible.

Based on the weight along German HT it comes close to matching is the Tier 5 VK30.01H (hull: 50/50/50, turret: 80/60/60) but even that still weighs 36.8 ton

I do not see this as WG trying to balance the tank, this to me is WG straight up forcing it into a tier it shouldn’t be at. It should have similar armor to the VK30.01H and be no more then a tier 5 premium. So why is it forced up into tier 8? Because they can’t charge $60 aud for a tier 5 premium that would cost $10 aud.



I’m sure now that I’ve pointed it out on the Nameless you can see that it’s the same case with the Edelweiss. Very similar armor to the Panther 2 and, you guessed it, similar size as well. The same states, speed, engine power and weight, are also given for the Valkyria Wiki which are once again correct in-game

It’s another case of similar size and armor but being 22.7ton lighter.

This time I found a MT that is close to the weight of the Edelweiss in the form of the Tier 6 MT, the VK30.01D (hull: 60/40/50, turret: 80/45/45) weighing in at 33.1ton

It’s the same again where the the tank has been put at a tier with armor it simply could not have with the weight in order to make it a tier 8.

Final Verdict:

No matter how you try to argue it the obvious facts are their: both tanks are way over-armored to fit in tiers they should not be in

The Nameless should have VK30.01H armor thickness and be a tier 5 HT
The Edelweiss should have VK30.01D armor thickness and be a tier 6 MT

As it currently stands WG have managed to make fake tanks unhistorical.
Increasing the weight while decreasing the mobility is also out of the question because they would be making fake tanks even more unhistorical just to fit them into tier 8.

I really hope WG acknowledges this and does something about it.


I wanted to bring to attention two things.

The first is about the tanks in VC are based off that the Nameless and Edelweiss verse

  • Imperial Light Tank: BT-7 (tier 3
  • Imperial Medium Tank: Medium mk III (tier 3) / T-28 (tier 4)
  • Imperial Heavy Tank: Char B1 (tier 4)
  • Schakal: KV-1 (tier 5)
  • Lupus/Lupus Regnum: IS-2 (tier 7)

Those are the tanks they verse, so it makes sense for the Nameless and Edelweiss to also appear down around those tiers.

The second is that the is a MASSIVE difference between the PC version of these tanks, and the WoT Blitz versions as well as my own stats proposal


PC – keeps the known stats as they are but in turn adds an impossible amount of armor to them
Blitz – does away with the known stats in order to make the armor to weight ratio proportionate


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