World of Tanks: 9.18 – Why it needs to be delayed

Path 9.18

So apparently patch 9.18 is going to start rolling out on the 18th… and I really hope it doesn’t. It will honestly destroy light tanks.

Reusable consumables? They’re good, no issue there.
Artillery rework? Small tweaks that I would recommend but for the most part its fine.
Light tanks? Fuck that shit right off

No seriously, the changes to the light tank class are actually that horrendous. But for now, let’s start with Arty;


     Arty in it’s current form on the test server is way too reliant on the stun mechanics. My proposal is to merely give it back a small % of it’s original damage back but so that it’s still at a level where it won’t one-shot any target it hits. I personally feel that, while the concept of the stun mechanics is good, too heavy a reliance on it and force little damage is arguably less supportive. I just feel they need to find a good balance of damage, blast radius and stun duration.


     Blast radius is a stat on arty that NEEDS to be reduced. It honestly doesn’t look like anyone put any thought into the effect that a T92 with 13m blast radius (14.5m on premium rounds) would have when blind firing into a cap circle the enemy is capping. There is a significantly higher chance of hitting the enemy  and resetting the cap so winning by cap is now a very much “easier said then done” factor.

     Premium HE should just be removed completely as it only offers a marginally better splash radius and nothing else except costing ridiculous amounts of silver.

     With the HE shells now having far worse damage and penetration where a tier 6 HT with a 152mm gun has the same damage and better penetration then a tier 10 SPG with 180mm gun, I feel the shell cost for artillery needs to be reduced significantly. There’s very little profitability in arty now that you can’t deal large amounts of damage with each shot. The stun mechanic is meant to payout arty players for stun assistance but that pay out seems so minuscule that you could honestly think that there was no payout at all.

     Another thing that they did which I feel was completely unnecessary was the nerf to hull and turret traverse speed.

Finally there’s the fact they have said no SPG are allowed in a platoon now because

You were vocal about mismatched scenarios, when a Platoon of three SPGs was placed at the top of the list and the team ended up with three long-range support fire vehicles as their main strength. The other frustrating issue was frequent cases of arty giving its all to support fellow Platoon-members and totally neglecting the rest of the team.

I’ll address the second issue first… no shit SPG will support their own platoon mates, especially now that they are so heavily reliant on others to deal damage for you to make a good profit. Anyone and everyone that has played WoT for a decent amount of time will know that you can only trust yourself and you’re platoon mates. The diversity in player skill is so high that you just can’t reliably put your trust in people. Many games on the CT I have stunned groups of enemies in the open only to have no one shoot them. Not to mention that it’s a competition between SPG because if you stun an enemy and then another SPG stuns them… they get the stun assist from then on, not you.

Now, for SPG platoons… the glorious arty party. People weren’t vocal about having them REMOVED from platoons, they were vocal about having the number in a platoon LIMITED. One SPG per platoon would be fine. But apparently WG completely missed this point and even went ahead and changed the personal missions for SPG that could be done with platoons.

To this change to SPG in platoons all I can say is that there was very little thought put into it and needs to be changed.

Light Tanks:

I like the fact that they differentiated tier 10 LT and tier 10 MT with their 105mm guns by dropping the damage from 390 to 360. That change I can get behind… What I can’t get behind is the straight up nerf to reload speed and view range… why did they do it?

The initial balance settings improved their view range too much, blurring the line between light and medium vehicles. They had a large enough view range to scout efficiently by default. So, you could install additional equipment, train skills and perks to increase their firepower to the point where they could compete with medium vehicles. Along with being great scouts, they would deal almost as much damage as some medium tanks.

This is straight up bullshit. The firepower of LTs blurs the lines at times, but not a lot, did they even look at the DPM of the MT counter parts?

Everything that I see there shows that LTs, even with gun rammers, are far from being close to MT in fire power… so why nerf it? There was nothing wrong with stock reload speeds on LT and there’s a way around it as well… but first, view range.

Why nerf view range on LTs? No shit they will have better view range, they’re scouts. What blurs the lines between LT and MT isn’t high view range on LT, it’s high view range on every other class. The fact that nearly all tier 10 HT have a 400-410m view range when proves this.

So here’s what I think needs to happen;

  1. Reset light tank reload speed and view range back to what they were
  2. Remove gun rammers from light tanks (idea proposed by 4TankersAndDog)
  3. Increase max potential view range for LT only from 445 to 475
  4. Reduce initial view range of MT and HT.

Without a gun rammer LT can’t boost their firepower much higher but with the increased max view range they will want to focus on boosting that. With the view range of MT and HT nerfed it increases the need for a solid scout LT and makes it a valuable asset to the team.

I wouldn’t have thought that this would have been a tough thing to think of but apparently I was wrong.


French LT.png


  • VK28.01 – return 10.5cm gun
  • SP.I.C – return 90m autoloader


I’m leaving this one till last because this is a bit more of a severe change. Basically what Gets me with this change is that the T71 builds into the M41 Walker Bulldog…


but the T71 was designed to replace the M41 so what WG has done is actually pretty lazy. And now just recently they want the M41 to build down into the T54E1? Why? There is no logical reason to have it build from the T71 and also build into the T54E1. It’s down right unneeded with no point to it.

I say keep the M41 and T49 as is on the live server at tier 7 and 8, drop the XM551 test bed down from tier 10 to tier 9 and then introduce the production Sheridan to tier 10

LT change.png

  • M41 – clip size reduced to 8, reload changed to 24.9 sec
  • T49 – stays as is
  • XM551 TB – gets the current 9.18 T49 guns
  • Sheridan – gets the current XM551 TB guns

There’s also the option of an American autoloader LT line;

LT change 2.png

  • T71 CMCD – single shot gun
  • T71 DA – would stay exactly as is on the live server but at tier 8
  • T71 DA 90mm – 90mm autoloader (could use the top T69 gun)
  • TMG – about the same size as the T71 but with 105mm autoloader

Doing it this way the M41 builds into the T71, it’s logical and historical. Got an issue with 3 T71 tanks and 3 tanks using the Sheridan turret? Please go take you issues up with the French AMX 13 tanks. Thank you

But the chance of logic and reasoning being used now in 9.18, after the shit storm WG have been pulling with it, is non-existent. I still hope that they will really reconsider how the US line but there’s about as much chance as the Swedish HT getting historical armor and mobility.

As such here’s options on how to balance the M41 and T49

American LT.png


Final Verdict:

This patch needs to be either split or delayed. If it’s split then they can release reusable consumables and the Artillery rework as either patch 9.17.2 or 9.18 and then have the LTs be in a later patch as either 9.18 or 9.18.1. But honestly, they can not release this patch with light tanks the way they are. If they do release it it will be actually be worse then the attempt at patch 10.0 “Rubicon”

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