VK72.01K vs PzKpfw VII

These tanks trigger me something ferocious. I was going to go on a massive rant about all the various unhistorical properties and how WG fucked up by offering the PzKpfw VII as a regular tank, especially considering they literally changed NOTHING about the tank except for the gun. You could honestly have them as one tank with alternate guns like the E100 and it would be fine because everything about them is the EXACT FUCKING SAME….

*clears throat* 

Sorry, let me get back on track. My question is, why not just keep the VK72.01k as it was and make it 10t lighter, and then give the PzKpfw VII the stats it has now with a different hull?

Pz VII.png

VK72.01 stats:

Damage: 750/750/950
Penetration: 246/334/85
Reload: 19.18sec
RoF: 3.13
DPM: 2,346
Aim time: 2.78
Accuracy: 0.38

Hull: 200/160/120
Turret: 200/160/120

Speed: 43km/h
Reverse: 15km/h
Weight: 105,000
Power: 1,200hp
Power/Weight: 11.43hp/t

PzKpfw VII stats:

Damage: 560/560/700
Penetration: 258/315/65
Reload: 14.8sec
RoF: 4.05
DPM: 2,268
Aim time: 2.49
Accuracy: 0.35

Hull: 220/140/120
Turret: 200/160/120

Speed: 33km/h
Reverse: 15km/h
Weight: 120,000
Power: 1,200hp
Power/Weight: 10hp/t


Basically this also splits the tanks playstlyle a bit and gives them their own distinct feeling;
– VK is the lighter armored but much faster tank that owners are use to with the improved gun. The improved power to weight would also make it turn faster and more mobile in general
– PzKpfw would be the much slower version with a larger hull and more armor frontally giving it more weight. The overall hull design and thicker frontal and less side armor would make it feel close to the VK45.02b before it.


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