T110 Historical Hull and Alternative line

It’s been a while since my last post and I figured it was time to pull something out my ass to give… And this time it’s the American T110 tanks; E3, E4 and E5

Essentially ignoring my whole previous post about an American tech tree overhaul (mainly because it’s too impractical and I personally don’t see them doing anything about the current fake American TDs… so with that – I’ll start with the Alternative Line first. Basically it would add in the earlier versions of the T110 tank to TD branch as a sort of “thinner armored, faster and smaller caliber” casement TD to the other line.

The T95 would remain at tier 9 but be split with the version with the 155mm being at tier 10. The 155mm T7 gun would be replaced with the historically proposed 155mm Long Tom. Due to the date it would most likely have been the M2 variant.

T110E4 renamed T110E6 – Fake name for a fake design
T110E3 renamed T110E4 – Real name for the real design

T95 GMC – stays is is on live server but loses the 155mm T7. 120mm would receive slight buffs

T95 155 LT (Long Tom)
     Gun – 155mm Long Tom M2
Damage: 750/950/1,250
Pen: 273/210/90

All ammo stats are theory crafted

Tier 7: T110E1

     Hull – 97/50/25 (125 LFP @ 30deg = 144mm effective, 97 UFP @ 60deg = 194mm effective)
 Casement – 200/90/60
Gun – 90mm T15E2
Speed – 45km/h

Tier 8: T110E2

     Hull – 117/50/30 (150 LFP @ 30deg = 173mm effective, 117 UFP @ 60deg = 234mm effective)
Casement – 228/100/65
Gun – 105mm T5E1
Speed – 40km/h

Tier 9: T110E3 

Hull – 127/76/38 (170 LFP @ 30deg = 196mm effective, 127 UFP @ 60deg = 255mm effective)
Casement – 228/115/70
Gun – 120mm T53
Speed – 35km/h

Tier 10: T110E4

     Hull – 127/76/38 (190 LFP @ 30deg = 220mm effective, 127 UFP @ 60deg = 255mm effective)
Casement – 254/127/76
Gun – 120mm M58
Speed – 35km/h

All armor thicknesses, speeds and guns are all theory crafting. What we know historically is that: The gun on the T110 project was to be the 120mm M58 (currently in-game on the T110E5), the AVI-1790-8 engine producing 810hp and that the armor was 127mm at 60deg

Historical Hulls

By now people should have already noticed the difference in hull shape compared to what’s in-game… that’s because the hull we have is a WG fake. I propose that all T110 tanks get their historical hull, that includes the ones with have in game… Yes, that means new hull on the E5, net cupola and gun mantle as well!

Found this 3D model of the historical hull on the NA Forums

Historical T110E5

In-game T110E5 

As you can see, just like the rest of the T110 designs it’s not rounded like it is in-game but flat angles… this would actually be a buff to the T110E5s hull as it would let it angle without fear of knowing that the LFP can still be penned because of it being rounded (reducing the possible effective armor). The cupola, while still a weakspot, is much smaller and rounder on the the historical E5 as well.


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