Proposal: Reworked US Tech Tree

So I recently blogged about a rework to the German line and I also have a proposal on how the Swedish line could be expanded.

The German line, while annoying, is a bearable level of unhistorical… the Swedish have only just arrived so that’s not an issue… The American line, for want of a better phrase, is full of cancer, hense my desire to completely and utterly rework it.

NOTE: This suggestion ignores any and all “premium” status and will be used in the line regardless

So what would my final tree look like?

It’s a lot of changes right? So many in fact that it would be a multi-stage project to get the line to look like this. And since we know tier 10 LTs are happening the first stage is easy…


Even more LT changes!

Line 1
– Added T92 to tier 7 after T37
– Moved M41 Bulldog to tier 8
– Moved T49 to tier 9
– Added XM551 to tier 10

Line 2
– Added T71 CMCD to tier 7 after T21
– Renamed T71 to T71 DA (Detroit Arsenal) and moved to tier 8
– Added T71 DA 90mm to tier 9
– Added TMG to tier 10

T71 DA 90mm is exactly what you think it is, it was a design for a T71 equipped with a 90mm autoloader
We already know that the XM551 is the pilot version for what would become the Sheridan
The TMG is an interesting one, it was a design for a tank similar in size to the T71 but equipped with a 105mm auto-loader

For the mean time the T69, T54E1 and T57 would stay as is building directly from the T71 and M41 at tier 8 into the tier 8 T69



Let’s make this one all about the TDs. This change sees the complete removal of the turreted TD line from tier 7 on wards that was made of complete fakes except for the T30 which is a HT and would be moved back to being a HT

Line 1
– Added T53E1 to tier 6 building into T23 AT
– T25 AT correctly renamed to T53 AT
– Fake T28 removed
– T28 HTC change from tier 7 mission tank to regular tier 8 tank
– T95 loses 155mm T7 gun; 105mm and 120mm guns buffed
– Added T95 155 LT to tier 10

The T95 155 LT is reference to a proposal to fit the T95 GMC with the 155mm Long Tom artillery gun. Because of the year of design it would have been the M2 variant of the gun. With the announced speed buff of the T95 to 20km/h, the T95 155 LT could either match that speed or be slightly faster at 23-25km/h

Line 2
– Added T78 GMC to tier 7
– Added T4 GMC to tier 8
– Added M40 105
– Renamed T110E3 to historical T110E4; Replaced 155mm with historical 120mm gun, reduced armor of T110E4

This gives use 2 lines:

Slow moving, well armored tanks with slow firing large caliber guns; and,
moderate mobility, moderately armored tanks with fast firing mid caliber guns



We now get to the HTs, with a change to two MTs

HT Line 1
– Added M6A2E1 to tier 7
– Moved T29 to tier 8
– Moved T34 from tier 8 premium back to tier 9 regular
– Moved T30 from tier 9 TD to tier 10 HT

HT Line 2
– M4A3E2 now branches off T1 Heavy
– Moved T26E5 from tier 8 premium to tier 7 regular
– M103 now builds into T57 Heavy

MT Changes
– Added T42 to tier 8 building from T20
– Moved T69 to tier 9
– Moved T54E1 to tier 10


Stage 4:

This will be about minorly adjusting the current medium tank Line in preparation for one of the 2 new MT lines + small other changes

– M7 now builds from the M3 Lee
– T20 dropped to tier 6 after M7- Pershing dropped to tier 7
– T42 now builds from Pershing
– M46 dropped to tier 8
– M48 dropped to tier 9
– M60A1 changed from tier 10 CW tank to tier 10 regular tank

– Added T54E2 to tier 9 after M46 Patton
– Added XM60/FV4201 to tier 10

The XM60/FV4201 is a hybrid build of the prototypes for the M60 and the FV4201 “Chieftain”


Stage 5:

Adding in 2 new MT lines and reintroduction of T110E5

Line 1– T20 builds into T23
-T23 changed from tier 7 reward tank to tier 7 regular
– Added “Astron X” to tier 8
– T95E2 changed from tier 8 Refer-a-Friend to tier 9 regular
– T95E6 Changed form tier 10 CW to tier 10 regular

Astron was a design for a light tank that weighed about 26t and could reach 80km/h. The reason for it being at tier 8 is because the planned armament was a 90mm, the issue with it was that it was a smoothbore… the easy solution would be for WG to give it a 90mm rifled.

– Added T96 to tier 9 after Astron
– T110E5 now after T96
– T110E5 hull changed to historical design

Line 2
– Added T25E3 #13 to tier 7 after Hellcat and T21
– Added XM66D to tier 8
– Added M60A2 “Starship” to tier 9
– Added MBT-70 to tier 10
The tier 8-10 of Line 2 were all designed and built with 152mm guns, improved versions of that which we have on the T49 and will have on the XM551. To stop it from being a line of derps the XM66D can get a 105mm that was proposed an alternative armament. We all know about the M60A2 “Starship”… the biggest contraversy is the MBT-70 because of the misconception that the armor and gun are too good.

Like I said, the 152mm is an improvement of that which is on the Sheridan which is a rifled gun with a key slot for the missiles. It’s not a smoothbore like people believe it to be, the German version with the 120mm is the smoothbore.

The other misconception is the armor caused by the fact that there is a hallow space in the frontal UFP and turret armor to act as a type of spall liner… but it was just that, hollow, but people wrongly include it when calculating the effective armor thickness. This correct effective armor is:


LFP: 80mm @47 deg = 117mm eff
UFP: 140mm @ 60 deg = 280mm eff
Side: 70mm
Rear: 40mm


Front: 115mm @ 53 deg = 191mm eff
Side: 135mm @ 30 deg = 156mm eff
Rear: 35mm @ 27 deg = 39mm eff

More then reasonable for a tier 10 MT if i do say so myself


Stage 6:

Probably the most controversial part of this all… ARTILLERY!

-Replaced M53/M55 at tier 9 with T84

T84 if a limited traverse 8in gun, not in a turret. This lets it fit better between the M40/M43 and T92 HMC

Turreted Line:
– Added M52 to tier 7
– Added M107 to tier 8
– Added M109 to tier 9
– Moved M53/M55 to tier 10; Removed 155mm gun, renamed M53/M55 to M55

This gives 2 lines;
the very large 155mm, 203mm and 240mm guns with limited traverse; or,
the smaller 105mm, 155mm and 203mm guns in turrets
One could argue that this isn’t needed, hence why I left it to the last stage where hopefully we would be closer to the Global Re-balance and inevitable arty rework.



The problem with doing a full tech tree rework and expansion then lies in the fact that WG have [edited] themselves over by making a vast number of logical tanks for the reworked tech tree as premiums, clan wars or personal mission tanks… SO… I’m going to include them anyway as they are the best fit into the line and are the historical and logical progression of the vehicles. 

They can do it as long as they compensate appropriately… Mainly letting the people that already have the tanks maintain them in their premium status.
Say you own the T26E5 and T34: You would keep both as tier 8 premium HTs but also get a regular tier 7 T26E5 and regular tier 9 T34

WG have shown they have no issue with CW tanks turning into regular tanks as, much to my hate because it’s complete fake, they are doing just that with the VK72.01K

The only real issue is that they would need to replace the T28 HTC as the tier 7 personal mission reward.

Personally I see it as a very small cost to fix such a horrific tech tree.


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