Upcoming German Tech Tree Changes

So by now we all know that WG are planning to change the German Tech Tree and at this point in time it seems very concrete on just how the line will look:


I absolutely despise this change because it doesn’t do anything to fix many of the issues with the line, this being that many off the tier 7-8 tanks are under armored for their tier and, in the case of the VK45.02B, completely overbuffed well beyond the point of historical boundaries.

So what changes are they making?

To make its overall structure more consistent, the German Tech Tree will get two completely new heavies: the VK100.01P (Tier VIII) and Mäuschen (Tier IX). Massive and heavily-armoured, these two will combine powerful guns with decent protection and poor mobility. Gameplay-wise, they’ll be more similar to the Maus than its current predecessors: the VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. A and VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B. That’s why the Maus will be placed after the Mäuschen. It’ll also receive a shorter reload time, better gun handling, and thickеr frontal armor.

At the same time, the VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. A and VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B resemble the VK 72.01(K) a lot. So, we’ll create a very similar tank and make it Tier X on their branch. If you earned the VK 72.01(K) on Global Map, it will remain a Premium vehicle in your Garage. It will also receive a unique camo and equipment loadout.

Along with that, the VK 45.02 (P) AUSF. B will get easier gun handling, as well as thicker side and top turret armor. The lower frontal glacis will become thinner. The VK 45.02 (P) AUSF. A will benefit from thicker frontal armor, and increased gun depression and elevation angles.

Adding in the VK100.01P and the Mauschen to tier 8 and 9 before the Maus because they play similar is very reasonable and I agree with this change.

What I don’t agree with is further unhistorical changes made to the VK45.02B which is already well beyond historical. VK45.02A I can let slip if all that is happening is the armor being buffed to the same as the Tiger II since it was a competing design for the Tiger II.

The other thing is their reason for building the VK45.02B into the Pz.Kpfw VII (VK72.01K). The only resemblance between the VK45.02B and the Pz.Kpfw VII is that they are rear turreted… that’s it… the Pz.Kpfw VII has more in relation to the Lowe, because they are designs for the same project…

Which brings me here: Why not drop tanks to different tiers and introduce a new third line based on the Krupp tanks

I would change the line a lot more severely to be this:


So what changes would I make?

Tier 5
– VK30.01 P and VK36.01 drop to tier 5

Tier 6
– Tiger P and Tiger I drop to tier 6
– Tiger P and Tiger I lose 8.8cm L/71 gun
– VK45.03 (premium) dropped to tier 6

Tier 7
– JagdTiger 8.8, Ferdinand and Tiger II drop to tier 7
– VK45.02 A and VK45.02 B combined into VK45.02 P at tier 7 with alternate hull choice
– Ferdinand, Tiger II and VK45.02P top gun is dropped to 8.8cm L/71
– Introduce VK72.01K to tier 7

Tier 8
– E75 drops to tier 8
– E75 loses 12.8cm L/55 gun
– Introduce VK100.01 P “Mammut” at tier 8
– JagdPanther II removed
– JagdTiger drops to tier 8
– Introduce VK70.01K to tier 8

Tier 9
– Introduce Mauschen and Tiger-Maus at tier 9
– JagdPanzer E100 renamed, rearmed & dropped to tier 9
– Introduce VK90.01K to tier 9

Tier 10
– Introduce SturmGeschütz Maus to tier 10
– Introduce Pz.Kpfw Lowe to tier 10 (also named Pz.Kpfw VII)

NOTE: VK72.01 and VK70.01 would be mid mounted turrets, VK90.01 would be rear mounted turrets. The armor and armament would be higher then historically considered so as to have them fit into their tier. The most severe increase in armor would be the VK90.01 with an increase of 40mm compared to the VK45.02B which was increased by 120mm

To see more in-depth changes as well as the thought process to get there please see HERE

So why the changes?

VK30.01 and VK36.01 dropping to tier 5 is to maintain the current logical and historical development process of the Tiger tanks without disrupting the balance. Neither tank would be OP or UP for this tier

Tiger I and Tiger P just aren’t able to compete at tier 7 with their armor and the HT No VI has shown that they would be fine at tier 6

Ferdinand is unhistorical so this brings it back to historical accuracy in terms of armor and armament.

JPanther II in-game is fake… kinda. It’s just Krupps proposal for the JPanther mit 12.8cm Pak 80 L/55. There was never a plan to use the Panther II chassis into a tank destroyer.

JagdTiger dropping to tier 8 is based on it being tested at tier 8 on Supertest

Introducing the StuG Maus with 17cm L/53 to tier 10 while dropping the Stug E100 down a tier and giving it the 15cm L/63 provides a better flow building up from the 12.8cm on the JagdTiger to the 17cm gun.

VK45.03 (premium) is in the same boat, it’s ok when top tier but as soon as it starts meeting tier 8 and 9 tanks it quickly falls short. At tier 6 the frontal armor would give it an advantage against other tanks without being insanely overpowered when you consider the armor on the Japanese HTs of the same tier

VK45.02A and VK45.02B both combine into the VK45.02 (P) with alternate hull and drops to tier 7 with the Tiger II which is being tested on Supertest.

E75 drops to tier 8 with various changes where needed to fill the void

Tiger-Maus comes in at tier 9 as it was a developmental step proposed by Krupp which led into the E100

VK72.01, VK70.01 and VK90.01, while not the historical names, experimental tanks were listed as VK then by weight class and finally by variant number. This tank was designed to be the lead tank in a squad of Tiger II tanks but was ultimately canceled in favor of the Maus. Having variants of the Lowe design building up to a tier 10 Lowe “variant” is more logical and realistic then having the Porsche VK45.02 designs building into it.


After Word:

Honestly I don’t expect WG to see these changes, and even if they did the chance of them being realized is next to naught. So why go to the effort of suggesting something that hass vvery little hope of seeing the light of day? It’s for that very small chance that someone at WG will see this and realise there is a far more logical, realistic and historical solution then making tanks even less historical then they already are.


2 thoughts on “Upcoming German Tech Tree Changes”

  1. Downtiering the VK 30.01P and Tiger P aren’t necessary, as there were more powerful cannons planned for both fo them that would allow them to work just fine at those tiers, including a 10.5cm L/47 cannon. Also, adding the StuG Maus isn’t necessary, as there was a StuG E 75 planned at one point with the 15cm, so the tier 8 JagdTiger could lead into the Tier 9 StuG E 75 (which would be similar to the current tier 9 JagdTiger in looks, as well as using a 15cm), and then the JagdPz. E 100 at tier 10 still. One last thing I notice, is that the Tiger-Maus is pretty much an E 100 outside of a few inconsequential differences. So that might need a bit of work.


    1. The main point of bumping back the VK30.01P and Tiger P was to fit in the VK45.02P at tier 7 as a “bridge” to allow a more logical and historical build from the Tiger P into the VK100.01P. While it may be true that the 10.5cm L/47 is available it doesn’t change the fact that the Tiger P armor is mediocre at tier 7 and both vehicles, with gun stat tweaks, would be balanced a tier lower.

      StuG E75 is actually a valid suggestion that I had actually overlooked myself and have no issue with it personally. As much as I love the idea of the StuG Maus both of them can’t really be in the game with 17cm guns unless you have both at tier 10 building off from the StuG E75. StuG E100 would keep its 17cm L/53 while the StuG Maus could get the 15cm L/63 (since Krupp wanted that over the 17cm as stated in Panzer Tracts 6-3)

      The main difference between the Tiger-Maus and the E100 would most notably be the use of the Mauschen turret mounting a 15cm L/37. Other stats I can gather from the Panzer Tacts 6-3 are:

      Weight: 130t
      Engines: 700hp, 1,000hp, 1,500hp
      P2W: 5.38, 7.69, 11.53

      Other then those facts and the turret being that of the Mauschen the only other difference noted between the Tiger-Maus and the future E100 was the suspension


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