Possible Expansion to Swedish Tech Tree

Before I get into this I want to note 2 things:
1 – I am aware that the Japanese, Chinese and Czechoslovakia are all in need of fleshing out as well. The only reason I’m posting this about the new Swedish branch is because It’s what I’m aware of and can flesh out based on the data of SP15 who did the research into the Swedish tanks for WG.
2 – WG have said that they are going to focus on fixing issues with WoT in 2017 and that no new tech trees will be coming. Obviously I assume that this extends to adding new lines in. This is just theorycrafting based on what I know.

Swedish Comparison.png
It’s pretty self explanatory but these are the new tanks;

Turreted Tank Destroyers:

Tier 5 – Pvkv II/III
Tier 6 – Ikv 65 Alt 5
Tier 7 – Ikv 90 Alt 2
Tier 8 – UDES 14A
Tier 9 – UDES 14E
Tier X – UDES 15/16

Side note:
A lot of the tanks are alternate designs to ones we already have in game but turreted. The decision to branch into it twice, once at the start from tier 4 into 5 and then again at tier 7 into 8 was because the Ikv 90 typ B has a gun arc of 20 making it have the widest gun arc of the non-turreted TDs and feels natural.

See more:
UDES 15/16


Tier 3 – Ikv 72 SPG
Tier 4 – VAK 40 1
Tier 5 – VAK 40 2
Tier 6 – VH 105×60 2
Tier 7 – VH 105×60 1
Tier 8 – Kv fm/49
Tier 9 – Akv 151
Tier x – Bkan 1A

Side note:
The reason for branching the Emil II into the Akv 151 is because the chassis for the Kranvagn was used for the the Akv. It would be weird going from a tier 10 to tier 9 but since the Emil II was one of the versions for the project and would have had a similar/same chassis it’s natural to build the line like this.

Light Tanks:

Tier 4 – Varjan
Tier 5 – Terro
Tier 6 – Pilen
Tier 7 – Lensen
Tier 8 – Lensen M/50
Tier 9 – Lensen M/51
Tier X – Lensen M/51S

Side note:
The Pilen, Lensen and Lensen 25t are all smaller, lighter, lesser armored and lesser armed versions of the tier 7 Leo. See more HERE

Medium Tanks:

Tier 8 – LS-50
Tier 9 – Strv K
Tier 9 – Strv T
Tier X – Strv A
Tier X – UDES 14D

Side Note:
LS-50 – While not a fully historical tank, this is more a representation of a design step based upon the proposal for a tank that would weigh 30t during the development of the LEO. The hull is close to that of that of the 1951 Emil with historical values and 550hp engine while mounting a 105mm gun. The other alternative is the Strv 81, which is the Centurion Mk3 however this would end up close to a clone tank and doesn’t follow well from the Leo but does into the Strv K… it’s a bit of a weird situation here. See more HERE

Strv K – a proposed plan to mount a Centurion Mk10 turret onto the hull of the Kranvagn. Armor would be; Turret – 152/89/89, Hull – 95/40/40 (145mm LFP) as per the historical Krv hull armor. I had this as a planned Premium Tier 8 HT but revised and placed it here as a tier 9 MT. See HERE

Strv T – lightly armored but weighing in at 32.5t but with a power-weight of 25hp/t (810 engine) and armed with a 105mm equal to the L7

*Due to reasons the available power of this 810hp engine was actually limited to 723hp causing the power to weight had it been built to drop from 25hp/t to 22.24hp/t

Strv A – was to be the Swedish equivalent of the Chieftain and M60. Estimated to weigh 42.5t with the 810hp for a planned 19hp/t*, and armed with the same 105mm gun from the Strv T but in an autoloader.

*Similar to the Strv T the 810hp engine could only produce 723hp for movement reducing the planned 19hp/t to 17hp/t (still better then the Chieftain and M60)

See more HERE

Possible Tier 8 Premiums:

Emil 1951
Basically this calls for the current “Emil 1” to be swapped with the historical Emil 1. What’s currently at tier 8 is actually the 1951 design. I won’t go into details on the historical values, you can find them in my previous post HERE or HERE

UDES 15/16 TR
This is the test rig for the UDES 15/16 where the turret for it was mounted onto the hull of a Ikv 91. The reason for it being at tier 8 is because the hull armor is significantly worse then the UDES 14A/14E and it would mean pushing them down a tier where their armor and guns would be too effective, so it get’s a slot as a tier 8 premiums


3 thoughts on “Possible Expansion to Swedish Tech Tree”

    1. Very nice find on the extension of the light tanks, I must have missed it myself. I’ll update the image when I get the chance to reflect the extension of the light tank line.

      Also on the note note of adding in tanks, I’m going to add in another tier 10 MT, the UDES 14D. While technically a TD it would play well as a MT with a 105mm gun, power to weight of 18.33hp/t and top speed off 65km/h. This would build off the Strv T while the Strv A would be built off the Strv K.


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