Historical Armor of the “EMIL” Tanks

This isn’t here to try to get the Swedish HTs to be changed to be historical but more to educate on what the historical values of the tanks are. Although I personally feel that the tanks would be more balanced with the historical values but that opinion will differ from person to person.

Any stats I leave out such as weight or gun depression is because what’s in-game is correct. I won’t bother with the guns because everything all 3 of the later Emil designs were to get either a 12cm or 15cm autoloader  with a 10.5cm autoloader in case the first two guns development didn’t progress properly.

A more in-depth look at them can be found HERE

1951 “EMIL”


Front – 150mm @ 45degs horizontal = 212mm eff
Cheek, front on – 125mm @ 35 deg vertical = 218mm eff
Cheek, side on – 125mm @ 80 deg horizontal = 127mm eff
Side – 30mm
Rear – 30mm
UFP – 70mm @ 22 deg horizontal = 187mm eff
LFP – 125mm @ 38 deg hroizontal = 203mm eff
Side – 20mm
Rear – 30mm

Engine: 550hp
Power to weight: 19.5 hp/t
Gun Depression/Elevation: -14 / +15

Armor Configurations of Future Designs

Armor configs are listed by side/rear armor then frontal armor

Alt A
Turret –          – 140mm @ 44 – 40 deg = 201mm – 217mm effHull –
UFP – 75mm @ 25 deg = 177mm eff
LFP – 120mm @ 38 deg = 195mm effAlt B
– 170mm @ 44 – 40 deg = 244mm – 264mm eff
UFP – 95mm @ 25 deg = 224mm eff
LFP – 145mm @ 38 deg = 235mm eff
Turret Side/Hull Side/Rear:
1: 40/20/30
2: 60/30/30
3: 80/40/40

Emil I 1A

Size: Same as the 1951 “EMIL”
Armor Config: 1A
Weight: 30.7t
Engine: 500hp
Power/Weight: 16.28 hp/

Emil II 2B

Armor Config: 2B
Engine: 540hp or 665hp
Power/weight: 14.59 hp/t or 17.97 hp/t

Emil III 2C “Kranvagn”

Armor Config: Altered 2C (turret side/rear armor changed 80/40 to 70/30, hull armor left as is)

Weight: 41.8t
Engine: 723hp
Power/Weight: 17.29 hp/t


Personally I would switch out the 1951 “EMIL” that we have in-game for the real Emil I design and have the 1951 “EMIL” as a tier 8 premium HT. Let’s say in theory that they did make the armor historical, you can’t have the tier 9 and tier 10 the same frontal thickness. Now I’m an avid believer in sticking to historical accuracy as much as possible but if it’s only a 10-15% difference at most then it’s fine:

Emil II:
UFP = 85mm @ 25 deg = 201mm eff
LFP = 130mm @ 38 deg = 211mm eff

Emil III (Kranvagn):
Turret front: 190mm @ 40-44 deg = 273mm – 295mm eff

I would also suggest that the names be listed as I do as to better differentiate between them as Tank name / version / armor configuration.

Last thing I feel that is worth mentioning is that there was a plan to mount a 15cm gun to the 3 later Emil designs, in fact that the 10.5cm autoloader on the Emil and Emil II in game was planned had the testing of the 12cm and 15cm gun failed to produce results. There’s 2 issues here though: 15cm and 155mm autoloaders are troublesome to balance and that the 15cm planned on the Emil tanks was to be a smoothbore. To get around both of these it could be possible to offer a rifled 15cm gun as a single shot to the Kranvagn.

This being theory crafting so take it as you will. What WG choose to do with the Swedish HT from now on is up to them but like I said at the start, I hope they show their historical values some respect.


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