Obj 260: The Soviet Heavy SPGs

Greetings everyone, today I’m going to be doing this brief article to give some insight into the heavy SPGs designed to utilize the chassis of the Object 260 heavy tank, more commonly known as the IS-7. There were 4 designs mentioned to use the chassis:

  • Obj 261-1 (re-designated as Obj 261)
  • Obj 261-2 (re-designated as Obj 262)
  • Obj 261-3
  • Obj 263

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Valkyria Chronicles – Nameless & Edelweiss: Over-armored

A few days ago two tanks were announced for WoT Asia and is currently unconfirmed if it will be moving to other servers: The Nameless (tier 8 HT) and Edelweiss (tier 8 MT) based off the popular Japanese game, “Valkyria Chronicles”

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World of Tanks: 9.18 – Why it needs to be delayed

Path 9.18

So apparently patch 9.18 is going to start rolling out on the 18th… and I really hope it doesn’t. It will honestly destroy light tanks.

Reusable consumables? They’re good, no issue there.
Artillery rework? Small tweaks that I would recommend but for the most part its fine.
Light tanks? Fuck that shit right off

No seriously, the changes to the light tank class are actually that horrendous. But for now, let’s start with Arty;

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VK72.01K vs PzKpfw VII

These tanks trigger me something ferocious. I was going to go on a massive rant about all the various unhistorical properties and how WG fucked up by offering the PzKpfw VII as a regular tank, especially considering they literally changed NOTHING about the tank except for the gun. You could honestly have them as one tank with alternate guns like the E100 and it would be fine because everything about them is the EXACT FUCKING SAME….

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Proposal: Reworked US Tech Tree

So I recently blogged about a rework to the German line and I also have a proposal on how the Swedish line could be expanded.

The German line, while annoying, is a bearable level of unhistorical… the Swedish have only just arrived so that’s not an issue… The American line, for want of a better phrase, is full of cancer, hense my desire to completely and utterly rework it.

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Possible Expansion to Swedish Tech Tree

Before I get into this I want to note 2 things:
1 – I am aware that the Japanese, Chinese and Czechoslovakia are all in need of fleshing out as well. The only reason I’m posting this about the new Swedish branch is because It’s what I’m aware of and can flesh out based on the data of SP15 who did the research into the Swedish tanks for WG.
2 – WG have said that they are going to focus on fixing issues with WoT in 2017 and that no new tech trees will be coming. Obviously I assume that this extends to adding new lines in. This is just theorycrafting based on what I know.
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Historical Armor of the “EMIL” Tanks

This isn’t here to try to get the Swedish HTs to be changed to be historical but more to educate on what the historical values of the tanks are. Although I personally feel that the tanks would be more balanced with the historical values but that opinion will differ from person to person.
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*outdated* Suggestion: Swedish Premium HT – Strv K

After testing of the hull was completed development of the project came to a halt due to problems with the ammo that were trying to develop for it. Of the 2 hulls that were made there were 3 plans, one became the chassis for an artillery, and the other became the test rig for the hydraulic suspension that would be used on the Stridsvagn 103. The third plan however was to mate the turret of a British Centurion Mk10 onto the completed hull of the Kranvagn and use that as a basis for future tank designs but nothing came of the plan. Continue reading “*outdated* Suggestion: Swedish Premium HT – Strv K”